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Agronomic Manual: Introduction to Beekeeping (Bee Breeding)

Beekeeping is an activity that involves raising bees in an organized manner, for this purpose several beehives are arranged in a place that meets the appropriate conditions so that the bees can inhabit, reproduce and develop, this place is called Apiary and must be away of human dwellings as well as of stables, sheds, pastures or any other place where domestic animals are raised, in order to avoid the attack of bees that may feel threatened by the presence of other species.
In this extensive Manual we will explain the fundamental aspects to start in bee breeding, from the construction of the hives, the safety implements that are essential to enter the apiary, the most appropriate places to establish the apiary and how is carried out Honey harvest from the hives.
1. The Hives:
Bees can live in different types of spaces that they consider adequate and safe for the establishment of their colonies, the space that bees inhabit is called a hive, and within it the bees (using the wax they natur…

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