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Salas Agro Farm

The Altos Mirandinos is a region located northwest of Miranda State, part of it corresponds to the Caracas Metropolitan Area and despite the large number of urbanizations and residential cities that have been built in this Region, it still houses many Agricultural Producers that supply markets in cities such as Los Teques, San Antonio de los Altos and Caracas.

In these mountains, vegetables such as Broccoli, Cabbage, Welhs Onion, Tomatoes and Potatoes are produced, and fruits, poultry and flowers are also produced. The road development that has taken place in this area motivated by its growing population, certainly makes it easier for producers to transport their crops to the urban centers where they will be commercialized.

One of the Production Units found in this Region of Miranda State is the Salas Agro Farm, which has been in production for several decades and constantly expands its productive areas to offer more foods and agricultural products for human consumption.

The Farm is managed by the Salas family, who are not only limited to the administrative work of the farm, but also work in the field together with people who work in it. In this regard, it should be noted that this farm is not simply a business, since it is the life effort of a family that has given its best effort in the Venezuelan Agricultural Sector.

Also noteworthy is the diversity of crops that take place in this production unit, which is a very intelligent method of assuming the titanic task of maintaining an Agricultural Production Unit; since the same farm can offer different products to the market, which is very useful to diversify its economy.

Apart from the food production that takes place here, several Cultivation Houses where Anthuriums is produced, have been included. These flowers are one of the most appreciated in the world and decorate the Venezuelan flower shops. The Anthuriums flowers cultivated in this farm have also been exported and very well received in international markets due to their high quality.

It should also be noted that the harvest of the same type of crop are made in a staggered manner, according the agricultural product is negotiated and located in a market. The farm also has its own vehicles to transport its production, which gives them more sustainability for commercialization and allows producers to take more advantage of the benefits of their effort.

In this regard it is good to note that all this was not done overnight, since all this is a product of the work continued for decades of the Salas family; and this certainly involved being persevering in difficult times, as well as being recurring in the daily work that all cultivation requires.

The Salas Agro Farm is an example that hard and well done work does have its reward, as well as that in the places close to the big cities the Agricultural Production must also be maintained; which must be understood as a fundamental strategy for Food Security and Sustainability of every urban nucleus.

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