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Grain Meatballs (meatless)

Grain Meatballs (meatless) can be prepared with Beans, Lentils, Peas or other legumes. They are an excellent dish for vegetarians or vegans, as well as for those looking for new flavors and a Healthy, Tasty and Nutritious Food.

Grains are known to provide generous amounts of Proteins to the body, but they also contain minerals in amounts that are not commonly found in other foods, such as copper, and B vitamins.

Now we invite you to know how to prepare this dish, if you do not know much about cooking do not worry because in the Recipe we will give you all the details in a very simple and easy to apply way.

Step 1: The first thing you should do before cooking any grain is to let it soak 24 hours, this is done to eliminate as much gas content as possible in the beans.

After soaking, cook the grains, usually after an hour they should be well cooked, however this could vary; Therefore it is convenient to monitor the grains during cooking to check that they are soft. To season or dress the grains add salt to your liking, as well as the condiments, spices or herbs of your choice.

Step 2: Place the grains already cooked in the blender, if you want to give it more taste, you can add any type of broth or consommé of your preference. It should be noted that this is not essential in the preparation of Grain Meatballs (without meat), since if you wish you can liquefy the grains without using any type of broth.

If you are going to add Garlic, we recommend adding 1 tooth for each measuring CUP in the blender.

The most important thing in this step is to liquefy the grains (together with the dressings that you have decided to add) until they are like a paste (cream) well mixed.

Step 3: Pour the liquefied grains into a bowl and add any type of flour, such as corn, wheat, taro, cassava, plantain, rice, etc.

For every 3 Measuring cups of the glass of your blender that you have added to the container, place 2 Cups of the Flour that you have chosen.

We recommend you add the flour little by little and mix it with the blended grains to achieve a better uniformity in the mixture, instead of adding the 2 cups of flour at once.

To finish the mixture you can use your hands, you will notice that the mixture is ready when you achieve a consistent dough that you can easily mold.

It is important that you know, that the flour (of whatever type) is what will give consistency to the mixture and will allow the meatball (meatless) to form without crumbling in your hands or in the pan.

Step 4: Once the mixture is ready, begin to mold the meatballs (meatless) with your hands, for which you only have to take a handful of the mixture and start making circles with both hands.

These Meatballs can be prepared Hoes or Fries. If you are random, we recommend placing and spreading a little oil in the pan, so that your meatballs do not stick.

Roasted Grain Meatballs (meatless)

Fried Grain Meatballs (meatless)

Finally, this is how your rich Meatballs of Grains (meatless) will look once they are ready:

Roasted Grain Meatballs (meatless)

Fried Grain Meatballs (meatless)

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